Cover Art/Mailer, 2023

UMPG release a Spotify playlist every year that showcases emerging artists. I was commissioned to design the cover art for this playlist, as well as build a mailer to be sent to their subscribers. I used the cover art as my key artwork to draw from when designing the mailer.

︎Process - The references provided by UMPG on their moodboard hinted at retro type and abstract shapes. I used a graphics tablet to draw the free flowing headphone cable and played around with the pathfinder tool on Illustrator to create a geometric, colourful background.

︎UMPG logo, all copy & artist imagery provided by Universal Music Publishing Group


Social Assets, 2023

‘The Earth as Your Co-writer’ is a new initiative by EarthPercent, Brian Eno’s environmental charity, that has songwriters credit ‘The Earth’ on future compositions and donate 1% or more of the royalties. This raises funds that can be re-directed towards tackling the climate emergency.

︎Process - EarthPercent provided logo assets, brand colours and fonts to use alongside new visual elements. Custom, handwritten script type eludes to a songwriter scribbling down lyrics, contrasting the brand’s bold typeface. A subtle glow adds a dream-like quality to the assets hinting at stardom, whilst paper textures add to the scrapbook look.

︎Logo assets & all copy provided by EarthPercent

Press about the initiative:

The Guardian
Evening Standard


Album Visualiser, 2023

I took the original Overworld album artwork and re-created it from scratch using Photoshop and After Effects. I wanted to create something that was calming and reflected the moods of one of my favourite songs from the album.

︎Process - I rendered the clouds in After Effects and set their evolution on an infinite loop to create realistic shape morphing and created a gradient sky background. To create the bird’s flight animation, I used a graphics tablet to draw frame-by-frame into Photoshop and later added glow effects in After Effects.

✨️ (passion project)
🎧 Rebecca’s Theme (Water) - Overworld by A.R.T. Wilson

Original artwork (please get in contact if you know the credit for this artist) ->


Merchandise, 2022

Spinnup, a digital music distribution service owned by Universal Music Group, has closed down Dec ‘22. The idea was to design a t-shirt as a gift for the employees that mimics a band’s Farewell Tour shirt inspired by 70’s psychedelia and illustration.

︎Process - I was provided with logo assets, including 10 distorted logos for the type lock-up, a company typeface for the dates and an accent colour. Illustration by me.

︎Logo assets provided by Spinnup (Universal Music Group)


Expo Branding, 2022

Kind Life Movement’s wellness event is aimed at spiritual folk looking to better their emotional well-being and build stronger relationships. The branding reflects the sense of calm that their lecturers elude to. Assets include an A5 bi-fold brochure with fold-out poster and a 4x5 animated post.

︎Process - I created pastel gradient bubbles that resemble the human form, shapes and curves, on Illustrator. The bubbles warp, squeeze and float around a structured layout.

👩‍🎨 (student project)


Social Assets, 2022

Merlin Network is the leading global digital music licensing partner for independents. The task was to create a typography-led banner artwork using Merlin’s new tagline ‘Go Direct through Merlin’. I achieved this heavily stylized neon effect using Photoshop layer styles.

︎Process -The idea behind the artist photo social media templates is centred around a number of custom ‘Glitches’, created to displace information (images/ text) on any given design, hinting at Merlin’s deep connections in tech and focus on digital over analog.

︎Artist Photography provided by Merlin Network


Patch Design, 2022

The band Superorganism and lead singer Orono Noguchi were after a collection of 5 individual embroidered NASA-style patches to be worn on stage throughout their upcoming 2022 ‘World Wide Pop’ album tour.

︎Process - I first traced Orono’s paintings into Adobe Illustrator. I then imagined outer-space scenes inspired by the animals’ poses and put them to life using vector shapes. Elements such as the sun on Soul’s patch are taken from the album artwork.

🎨 Original Paintings by Orono Noguchi
🐋 Generic Superorganism patches by Orono Noguchi
📷 Live Photography by @nat_ourourke_art & @jtph0t0s


Logo/Mic Flag, 2022

Mic Flag sticker design for conceptual radio station “RAGUWAVY RADIO”. Working closely with Head of Marketing to produce an on-brand spin-off logo for use on Priya Ragu socials.

︎Process - Creating a logo that gave a nostalgic 90’s gaming feel and fit well within Priya’s current branding, taking inspiration from her own logo for the shape and feel of this spin-off brand.

︎All artist photos provided by artist management